Why Use Polar Insulation?

Room On Top of Areas with Insufficient Insulation Such As Cellar, Crawl Space, or Beam Flooring

A room above an inadequately insulated section of the house such as a basement or crawl space can become uncongenial because of the temperature fluctuation. High humidity can also result to costly damage to the floor surface. When applied to the underside of the flooring, Polar Spay Foam Insulation can resolve these issues.

Frequent Concerns

  • Heated or cooled air unable to maintain constant temperature due to insufficiently insulated conduits and access spaces.
  • Ruptured frozen pipes due to unprotected pipe system passing through insufficiently regulated areas such as a garage or basement.
  • Chilly temperature, unlivable rooms
  • Intrusive sounds coming from the cellar
  • Warped, uneven hardwood flooring resulting from excessive humidity
  • Flaking old insulation

After Using Polar Spray Foam Insulation

  • Level room temperatures making area more congenial
  • No unwanted sounds from below
  • Hardwood floors retain their full integrity


Cellar or Crawl Space

Common problems in basements and crawl spaces beneath the main floor of a building include energy waste and dampness. These are caused by uneven temperatures coming from the upper floors and can result to AC or heating equipment damage.

The ideal option is to provide insulation in the cellar or half-basement and transform these into living quarters.

Frequent Concerns

  • Excessive dampness on common floor insulation (not made of Polar Insulation materials).
  • Condensation in conduit system
  • Energy wastage from permeable ducts/defective HVAC

After Using Polar Spray Foam Insulation

  • Higher energy savings as HVAC units run smoothly because of stable temperatures around duct systems and HVAC equipment.
  • Air-tight integrity in insulated areas with no break or fissures
  • Fresh air flows more freely inside the structure
  • Diminished access of damp outside air resulting to drier conduit system


Hard-To-Insulate Areas

Areas that are difficult to insulate thoroughly when using common insulation materials are those around electrical boxes, doors and windows, rim joists, and skylights.  Polar Insulation spray foam penetrates and completely closes up every gap in these areas creating a tight air envelope that prevents energy loss and keeps out moisture and contaminants.

Frequent Concerns

  • Structures with design or architectural features such as vaulted or domed ceiling, arches, beam flooring, or asymmetrical steel framing are difficult because common insulation are not designed for odd-shaped spaces.
  • The shape and size of batting needs to be altered or trimmed to fit into uncommon cavities resulting to reduced rated U value or the need for additional materials.

 After Using Polar Spray Foam Insulation

  • Polar Spray Foam Insulation will penetrate and seal all openings and fissures even in odd-shaped locations. Compared to other brands, Polar spray foam won’t subside, shrivel, or droop.
  • Solid air barrier created in one step adding to building stability and high insulation U-value for as long as the building stands.
  • Reduced air humidity and hazard of metal corrosion.
  • Polar spray foam insulation will remain malleable and can spread out or compress with the structure avoiding flaking and splintering as time goes by.