Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation

12 Advantages Of Cavity Wall Insulation

Do you really need to insulate the cavity walls in your home? Here are 12 reasons why cavity wall insulation should be done in every home:

Health Concerns

Having an airtight well-insulated home can yield substantive health dividends for you and your family, such as:

  • Elimination of mold growth – Exposure to molds in the house that can cause asthma, allergies, and other respiratory or skin conditions is minimized as insulation prevents moisture intrusion.
  • Better indoor air quality – Adequate insulation can safely repel the entry of pollutants, airborne dust, moisture and mold, and noxious fumes into your home.
  • Removal of respiratory irritants – Airborne irritants that can cause asthma, allergies, and other adverse reactions are safely kept outside the house by airtight insulation.

Livability and Comfort 

Using Polar Spay Foam Insulation to completely insulate your house generates an air envelope making your living space more congenial and comfortable:

  • Quieter home – Polar spray foam insulation can drastically reduce unwanted and distracting noise from both inside the house (media room or kids’ playroom) and from the outside (traffic, playground, or aircraft sounds).
  • Even temperature – Insulating your home will prevent fluctuations in temperatures in different parts of the house that cause hot and cold spots in certain areas.
  • Zero drafts – Spray foam insulation can prevent inefficient air flow into and out of the house.

Financial Considerations

Polar Spray Foam Insulation is a solution that can bring in large savings for you every month:

  • Faster resale at a higher price – Potential home buyers will appreciate the solid spray foam insulation work on the house that can also mean lower energy expenses for them.
  • Equipment savings – A well-insulated home will not put too much strain on heating and A/C units so you can opt for smaller units saving on collateral costs.
  • Lower energy bills – With Polar Spray Foam Insulation’s superior U-value rating and air barrier performance you can save as much as 50 percent on your monthly energy expenses.

Peace of Mind

Polar Spray Foam Insulation brings peace of mind to homeowners who know that their homes are adequately insulated and well-protected:

  • Stronger structure – Polar spray foam or pour fill insulation used on exterior cavity walls and internal dividing walls can reinforce your walls and improve total structural stability.
  • Screen against pests – Timber-burrowing or wood-eating vermin will not be able to chew on the insulations, make nests inside cavity walls, or penetrate the house through the insulation material.
  • Drastically reduced dampness – Moisture is mostly airborne and by creating an airtight cocoon around your house, Polar Spray Foam Insulation greatly reduces the amount of moisture that gets inside.