Insulation Benefits

Commercial Insulation Benefits

Polar Foam Insulation products provide many insulation benefits and are engineered to perform at a constant level of insulating efficiency and guaranteed effectiveness throughout a building’s lifetime.

Polar Spray Foam Insulation also helps enhance your building’s structural integrity. Beyond merely insulating the structure, our expanded and hardened foam insulation inside your exterior walls and internal division walls create an impervious air envelope that will eliminate wasteful airflow and heat transfer, deflect moisture, and reinforce the entire structure.

Your customers will be very happy to learn that with Polar Spray Foam Insulation, all insulating expenditures during construction can be recouped from the resulting energy efficiency savings, within three to four years.

Our highly-trained professional technical personnel onsite will not just install Polar spray foam insulation but will also try to answer your questions and help you through some challenging technical hurdles if needed.


Insulation Benefits


Polar Spray Foam Insulation Performance Benefits

  • Dampness control – Solid airtight barrier against moisture and condensation.
  • Impressive energy efficiency – Save as high as 50 percent on energy expenses.
  • Soundproofing – Reduce or eliminate disturbing noise from the outside or from noisy parts of the building.
  • Enhanced indoor air quality – Minimize respiratory or skin irritations with cleaner indoor air.


Polar Spray Foam Insulation Process Benefits

  • Your building, your design – No matter how difficult or oddly-shaped the structure and its design features are, Polar spray foam insulation can easily penetrate and seal off even the hardest to reach areas in the structure.
  • Customized spray foam formula – Mixing options are available to allow you a customized approach to insulation depending on purpose of the build and existing climate conditions.
  • Professional Approach – Our objective is to ensure that Polar Spray Foam Insulation is integrated seamlessly into the building’s structure and design and we make this happen by teaming up with the architects and engineers on-site.
  • Highly-trained work force – Polar Insulation trains and sends out the most competent foam engineers and technicians to ensure that every project is completed with the exemplary level of quality and workmanship that have made Polar Insulation the industry’s market leader.