Polar Insulation Technology Approved by the Irish Agrément Board (IAB)

Polar Insulation uses a specific line of foam insulation products approved and certified by the National Standards of Ireland (NSAI) Irish Agrément Board (IAB).

Polar Insulation is approved and duly authorized by the NSAI to install this specific line of foam insulation products that are also certified by the British Board of Agrément and has the European Technical Approval duly ratified by members of the European Organisation for Technical Approvals. These certification guarantees the highest level of performance for the product that will last for as long as the structure stands.


BBA-Approved Insulation Products

Polar Insulation exclusively uses foam insulation products that have gained the coveted British Board of Agrément certification after a series of rigorous field testing, laboratory evaluations, and plant assessments. The BBA approval is for direct applications to breathable and non breathable membranes and felts. This means that you can use Polar spray foam insulation products on all roof and attic insulation projects.

The Polar pour fill insulation is most appropriate for use in older buildings with closed cavity walls and delicate design features. The foam expands to 60 times its original volume at a gentle rate to protect the integrity of the existing structural features. The polar spray foam insulation expands at a ratio of 100:1 to its original size and will fill up and seal all cavities creating an air barrier that can lower your energy expenses by as much as 50 percent.

Polar spray foam insulation has a product guarantee and can help create a highly energy efficient building. This insulation product will not decline in performance over time and will maintain a constant U value rating and thermal resistance. Polar spray foam insulation is safe to use at home, it is 100 percent water-based and is not mixed with synthetic blowing agents or dangerous substances like HFCs, HCFCs, PBDEs, formaldehyde, and HFAs.