Dry Lining Insulation

Polar Dry Lining Insulation Process

If you’re looking at choices for a new or old dry lining insulation project in Louth, Dublin, and Meath, Polar’s Spray Foam Insulation technology is your best option.

Polar Classic Pour Fill Insulation, can be the perfect choice if you’re attempting to insulate a difficult structure such as a historic building with fragile lathe and plaster, aged masonry, or a stone wall. The pour fill foam is introduced to a standing drylining board by way of boring easy-to-plug 8mm holes and will expand to completely insulate the space avoiding any damage to the fragile section.

Polar Classic Spray Foam Insulation, on the other hand, is ideal for projects where dry lining frames are mounted onto the inner surface of the exterior wall. In this setting, the spray foam insulation will inflate to 100 times its original volume filling up every chink and fissure while preventing cold bridging of the dry lining studs.


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