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Insulating Product Decision

The Total Approach to Building Construction

When making a product decision, visualizing a total approach to building construction is very important. Also called “building science” or “systems approach”, the approach boils down to having all building components and materials such as the insulating system, the core structure, windows and access points, rood decks, and walls operate in a complimentary and cohesive manner to ensure superior building performance.

The objectives of total approach include:

  • Efficient heating and heat loss prevention
  • Healthy indoor air quality
  • Implementing an air barrier solution in tandem with effective ventilation
  • Controlling dampness
  • Good thermal resistance

Polar Insulation is the ideal insulating solution when observing total approach to building construction. All of these concerns are addressed effectively by our spray foam product with actual field performance certified by pertinent regulatory bodies.


Do you need a separate vapour retarder?

Polar spray foam insulation is not sold or advertised as a vapour retarder. The spray, however, often functions to restrict the entry of water vapour by tightly plugging all cracks and leaks in the wall cavity, roof, or floor. As you know, about 99 percent of the vapour that penetrates into the building passes through those cracks and leaks.

When the issue of a vapour retarder comes up, existing product certifications and building codes should be followed unless advised otherwise through an evaluation to BS 5250 or EN 15026.

A separate vapour retarder – paint is the best option – should be applied to the outer wall surface or applied to a hardened Polar spray foam insulation.


Achieving Maximum Insulating Efficiency

The most efficient insulation solution is one that combines low U value and high capacity to prevent air outflow. U value measures heat that passes through an insulating wall but this indicator is insufficient because escaping air accounts for up to 40 percent of a structure’s energy wastage. Using Polar Spray Foam Insulation can help homeowners resolve this issue and achieve maximum insulating efficiency with the air barrier created by foam insulation.


Polar Spray Foam Insulation’s Crucial Role

The consensus in the building industry is that air barriers are crucially important to effectively preserve a building’s integrity. Regulators agree and now air envelopes are part of British and Irish building safety codes.

Improperly insulated buildings are now paying the price in terms of moisture damage and mold growth. Polar spray foam insulation effectively creates an air barrier protecting the structure from moisture-laden outside air that causes condensation and mold proliferation.


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