Product Sustainability

Product Sustainability

Polar Insulation’s Contributions to Environmental Sustainability

  • Safer spray foam formulas
  • Lesser materials for construction
  • Energy efficient structures (reduced carbon footprint)
  • Optimum indoor air quality


Product Sustainability


Sustainable Buildings Using Polar Insulation

Our drive for environmental sustainability is reflected in how Polar spray foam insulation products are contributing toward constructing healthy and sustainable structures.

While common, run-of-the-mill insulation products focus almost exclusively on U value, we’re taking a more holistic approach to insulation. Polar spray foam insulation creates an impermeable air barrier that prevents leakage of conditioned air that contributes greatly to energy loss. This translates to huge savings for the homeowner of up to 50 percent of energy costs. By this calculation, home owners can easily recoup their insulation costs in as early as three to four years.

More importantly, such energy savings, when multiplied by the number of structures being optimized with Polar spray foam insulation, represents a dramatic reduction of carbon emissions (from energy generation) amounting to thousands of tons annually.

Polar Insulation contributes to a superior indoor air quality by keeping out pollutants, free radicals, allergens, and mold spores from penetrating the house through its airtight barrier.

Using Polar foam insulation, the exterior walls and internal dividing walls are reinforced quickly adding to the structural integrity of the building, shortening construction, and reducing the required materials to complete the project. The spray foam’s performance is guaranteed and this means doing away with costly insulation replacements in the years to come.


Sustainable Spray Foam Insulation Formulas

Polar Insulation is fully committed to environmental sustainability by exclusively using innovative and environmentally-friendly products. Our spray foams are 100 percent water-blown and do not contain artificial blowing agents such as HFCs that potentially contributes to global warming and the resulting climate change.

Our products do not include PBDEs to achieve fire-resistant rating. We also have some foam insulation products that are formulated to include a significant amount of recycled plastic helping to divert a large amount of plastics from landfills.


LEED® Credits Qualification

Polar spray foam insulation products are legitimately green products fully qualifying for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits in the categories of Indoor Environmental Quality, Innovation & Design, Energy & Atmosphere, and Materials & Resources.


NAHB-Approved Insulation Products

Polar Insulation uses an exclusive suite of foam insulation products that are approved by the National Green Building Standard™ of the National Association of Home Builders.


Polar Insulation Builder Advantage Program

Sustainable homes using Polar Insulation technology are easier to sell with the Polar Insulation Builder Advantage Program that provides independent builders effective promotional tools and a bespoke energy savings projection for a specific project. Get in touch with a Polar Insulation representative for immediate assistance.