Pour Fill Insulation

Classic Pour Fill Insulation

Polar’s Classic Pour Fill Insulation is the best insulating technology to use in older structures if the objective is to improve energy efficiency while maintaining the building’s unique architectural or design features. The pour fill insulation has a thermal conductivity of 0.034 – 0.039 W/mK and will seal wall spaces completely as it swells to 60 times its original volume. The walls will remain intact as foam will move upwards or towards the direction of low resistance.

Polar Insulation’s spray and pour fill foam insulation methods represent cutting edge advances in humidity and heat insulation technology. Polar’s unique foam insulation expertise has helped us gain market leadership and is now set industry criteria for creating high performance air sealing systems in any type of structure.

Polar foam insulation will stick firmly to any timber, steel, or concrete surface and is the best insulation solution for basements, ceilings, walls, and attics. Our foam insulation products will not shrivel, droop, or subside and its insulating capacity will not deteriorate over time.

Ensure a healthier indoor air quality with Polar Insulation. Our foam insulation products contain no harmful substances or pollutants and are 100 percent water-blown. Create an airtight barrier in your building to reduce air flow or heat loss, and increase energy efficiency while allowing you total flexibility with your building features design.