Spray Foam Insulation

Classic Spray Foam Insulation

Polar Insulation has a complete collection of spray foam insulation solutions and guarantees high-grade performance of these products according to specifications for as long as the structure stands.

Some spray foam products in our inventory are appropriate for certain environmental conditions or specific construction purposes but, normally, Polar Insulation spray foam products are employed in both commercial and residential projects.

Spray Foam Insulation Ireland

The following are technical specifications of some of our products. Please consider the information and get in touch with us to find the best solution for your insulation needs.

Polar LD-C 50 Spray Foam Insulation

Polar LD-C-50, our flagship product, has helped propel Polar Insulation as the go-to provider of spray foam insulation solutions.

This product has provided first-class insulation to thousands of commercial and residential establishments since 1986, constantly surpassing the performance of other insulation brands in the market.

Here are some product specifications for Polar LD-C-50 spray foam insulation:

  • 8kg/m3
  • Open cell
  • Thermal conductivity is 0.039 W/mK
  • Light density
  • Water-blown 100 percent
  • Zero HFC and PBDE

This product has been classified as a low-emitting material (LEM) according to CHPS EQ 2.2 guidelines (Section 01350).

Polar Insulation’s spray foam formula had been thoroughly assessed and verified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) for use on the lower-facing surfaces of different varieties of roofing surfaces and materials. In test after test, Polar’s spray foam insulation demonstrated high impermeability against water and gaseous substances, as well as a breathability rating of 0.0049L/sec/m2 permitting unhampered “breathing” of all surfaces—such as wood—that it comes in contact with.

Polar’s spray foam insulation is the only product of its kind that is certified and approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), and the European Technical Approval Board (ETA).


Polar spray foam insulation will stick firmly to metal or wood surfaces and can be used in any locale. It can be fitted into existing structures or new constructions with irregular features.

Total Approach

This is the common approach of construction and design professionals to ensure optimum building performance and stability.  Also called “Building Science”, this practice focuses on seamless integration of materials and structures in the building’s foundation, windows and doors, walls, insulation, electrical and mechanical systems.

Environmental Impact

Find out how Polar Spray Foam Insulation solutions are reinforcing environmental sustainability.