Closed Cell Foam

Closed Cell Foam Insulation

If you’re working on a new or existing wall cavity insulation project with partially filled cavities or fully clear cavities, TECHNITHERM® closed cell foam insulation might be the insulating solution you’re looking for. Manufactured by Isothane, this cavity wall insulation product has a record thermal conductivity of 0.025 W/mK. This translates to a remarkable U value of 0.21 W/m2K for a 100mm typical hollow space and a U value rating of 0.17 for a 150mm space.

Closed Cell FoamClosed Cell Foam


TECHNITHERM® is ideal for hard-to-insulate spaces and rooms. It acts as a flood durable protective thermal layer and guards against air entry or exit and humidity infiltration while helping to strengthen the cavity wall.


Closed Cell Foam Ireland

Closed Cell Foam Ireland


TECHNITHERM® is your best insulation solution to comply with the strict specifications of Part L of the Building regulations. The product’s CFC & HCFC-free 1:1 mix ratio rigid polyurethane foam is also compliant to the stipulations of BS 7457:1994 which regulates products and processes for strengthening and insulating cavity walls.

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