Industrial Spray Foam

Medium Density Industrial Spray Foam

Introducing the Polar MD-R-210™, a highly superior Medium Density Industrial Spray Foam designed for exceptional building energy performance and minimal environmental footprint. This cutting edge spray foam insulation solution is testament to Polar Insulation’s drive to solve the most common building construction concerns with superior technology to produce excellent results.

Most of the structures that currently use our medium density rigid foam are commercial or industrial establishments and small factories. It’s also used in farming structures providing insulation and condensation protection to grain and potato storehouses. If you have little room to spare and exposed foam will not be an issue, this is the ideal spray foam solution for you.

Compared to light density spray foam, the medium density spray foam offers the following advantages:

  • Higher vapour resistance
  • More rigid and stronger material
  • Superior compression performance
  • Enhanced U-value for every 25mm volume

Key Advanced Features

Polar MD-R-210™ Medium Density Spray Foam Insulation is compatible with and will adhere to any surface as field tested for various moisture and heat environments. This is an environment-friendly product:

  • Classified under CHPS EQ 2.2 Section 01350 (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) as a Low-Emitting Material (LEM).
  • This foam is 100% water blown with zero synthetic expanding agent.
  • Includes as high as 6% recycled plastic in the MD-R-210 resin.


Industrial Spray Foam