Open Cell Spray Foam

Classic Plus Insulation

Polar’s Classic Plus Insulation product (LD-C-70) is the unchallenged market leader for the open cell spray foam category with its excellent insulating value (lambda 0.034) and superior surface grip. This state-of-the-art spray foam insulation is 100 percent water-expanded and allows you to fully comply with current regulations governing commercial and residential structures.


Open Cell Spray Foam


Polar Insulation Classic Plus benefits

  • Superior thermal insulation
  • Compliant with current building regulations (REACH)
  • Non-polluting – 100% water blown
  • Applicable to different surfaces under varied heat and moisture situations
  • High malleability and adhesion reduce waste
  • Very viable results


Polar Classic Plus Insulation spray foam will readily fasten to metal or wood materials and can be applied under any condition. It can be mounted into already built structures or used in upcoming construction projects with hard-to-insulate elements.

Total Approach

This is the basic strategy of engineers and construction professionals to achieve high level building performance and structure stability.  Also known as “Building Science”, this approach turns to a holistic combination of all processes and materials in the building’s core structure, facades and walls, doors and windows, insulation, power and other systems.


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