Tank Insulation

Medium Density Tank Insulation

Polar’s Medium Density Tank Insulation  is a dual material, spray-initiated stiff polyurethane foam specifically designed to insulate tanks, pipes and other substance containers. This material was developed according to specifications complying with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) stipulation s of the Montreal Protocol and performs well in higher working temperature up to 250°F (121°C).

  • Very low H2O absorption at 0.3%
  • Extra strong grip on any surface
  • Suitable for heated environments up to 250°F (121°C )
  • Locked cell substance >92
  • 2lb closed cell spray foam 2 components

Sustainability Considerations

Polar’s Medium Density Tank Insulation MD-T-200™ foam is fully compliant with existing environmental standards. The product does not include any ODP blowing chemicals and contains recycled PET plastic material and Soya bean oil.

Protect Your Assets

Polar Insulation has a full scale inventory of the best quality foam insulation products and veneers to help you fully insulate your properties and protect your assets.  With tested products created by a trusted company adhering to world-class quality and service standards—Polar is your best choice to insulate your investments today.

Polar Insulation is part of a growing network of fully accredited contractors who are capable of finishing all insulation projects according to specific requirements.  Our personnel on the field are all seasoned professionals who went through rigorous instructions and OJT hours to ensure an uncompromising level of service excellence for all our clients.

At Polar Insulation, we’re not just in the business of insulating your properties. We’re actually in the business of protecting your assets.

Tank Insulation