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Polar Roof Insulation

Homeowners can now enjoy higher energy savings with Polar Insulation of up to 50 percent more than any other roof insulation brand or provider in the locales of Dublin, County Meath, and County Louth.

Do you own a home or building a new one? The Polar Spray Foam Insulation solution is your best option to insulate crawl spaces, lofts or attics, and roofs. Every opening, crack, or fissure beneath your roof is completely sealed off as the Polar spray foam expands preventing air entry or outflow.

Ordinary, run-of-the-mill insulation brands will not be able to provide adequate insulation in homes where there are sections that are difficult to insulate. Polar spray foam insulation can easily penetrate and seal off these hard-to-reach areas in 1.5 storey and dormer style houses, delivering unparalleled air integrity and insulation to your home.

Read about the Polar’s Attic Insulation process.


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