Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance Using Polar Spray Foam Insulation

Polar Spray Foam Insulation is quite effective in resolving roof maintenance problems. Detached and falling tiles or slates are often a problem in older houses in which the roof has no felt or membrane materials. Polar Insulations provides a number of foam insulation products that tackle this problem.

Under these conditions, the Polar Medium Density Foam Insulation or the Polar Classic Spray Foam Insulation can help stabilize the roof by firmly fixing the tiles and slates together. The resulting reinforced roofing assembly can stop gusty winds from unhinging the tiles, provide an excellent level of insulation, and can minimize moisture problems.

Note: Polar insulation spray foam can be applied and will perform quite effectively as a roof stabilizer and insulator if the existing roof support structure is still strong, the tiles or slates are complete and undamaged, and all leaks are plugged.

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Roof Maintenance