Sound Insulation

Polar Sound Insulation

Tired of intrusive outside sounds like people talking, loud music, ringing phones, or car alarms going off? These days you can’t even have peace and quiet inside your own home. The solution? Polar Classic Spray Foam Insulation can give you superior sound insulation and will eliminate all of those unwanted noises.

Create a peaceful and noise-free sanctuary in the comfort of your own home. Polar Insulation can easily create such a refuge for you by sealing off floors, inside partition walls, and exterior walls.

Polar Spray Foam Insulation On The Job

Find out why Polar Insulation is the number one provider of spray foam insulation in Dublin, Louth, and Meath.

Places To Insulate

With Polar’s Classic Spray Foam Insulation you can soundproof and insulate sections like timber flooring, inside partition walls, and external wall cavities.


Sound Insulation Ireland